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What is field service management software?

With smart field service management software, you can automate your processes and information needed to manage your field service or work roster. That way, you will have a clearer overview, more time, work enjoyment as well as satisfied clients!

What elements are contained in our field service management software?

With our smart planning software, you can optimise different parts of your field service management, such as workforce planning, work roster, time registration and work orders.  Additionally, Link2 links to any ERP system, such as AFAS and all your inventory, work roster and other business systems.

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What are the advantages of field service management software?

With our expertise in field service management and knowledge of your sector, we know exactly what good software means to you. That’s why our planning software is user-friendly and tailored to your process, featuring smart integrations and lightning-fast support, while you save time and money and increase your first time right as well as customer satisfaction.

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