Planning software

The advantages of smart planning software

Link2service planning software will let you do the best and smartest field service planning with ease. You can quickly dispatch the right people with the right skills and the right materials to the right job at the right time! The result? A higher return, satisfied clients, a high first time right rate and optimal use of available people!

Workforce planning

You send available people with the right skills and right materials to a job and can easily update the planning during the day if needed.

Software links

Our software Link2 communicates with all ERP systems and can easily be linked to calculation software, for example.

Digital work orders

Work orders can be signed directly by clients via the Link2 app, making them ready for immediate invoicing

Recurring maintenance

By planning recurring maintenance automatically, clients are serviced on time and nothing is forgotten.


Increase customer satisfaction with automated emails or text messages at any moment.

Portal for the end client

Your client can easily apply for extra cleaning services via the Link2 online environment and always has access to reports.

Management information

Linking data in clear reports provides important management information planning and scheduling that’s always at your disposal.

Remuneration management

Link2 provides the necessary input for correct remuneration calculation, for example by marking overtime as such.

Track and trace

You can easily monitor the location of your people and dispatch the ones closest to a particular job.

Authorisation of work rolls

Set the rights and restrictions for each employee with ease. We keep safety in mind!


Workers go to a job using a clear checklist so nothing is forgotten and can digitise the completion of the list without delay.

Workforce skills

People’s specific skills are easily monitored so you can always dispatch the right person for the job to the client.

Internet of Things

By letting appliances and installations communicate with Link2, they are monitored directly and any technical issues automatically generate a maintenance appointment.

Quality control

A structured approach via Link2, such as the use of a checklist, safeguards the quality of maintenance and installation for clients.

Contract management

Contracts with periodic schedules are easily created and managed in Link2, providing you with direct insight into existing agreements with clients and business relations.

Route optimisation

The advanced Link2 route planner provides the most efficient route to each job.

Work roster

The clear work roster is easy to fill with available people who meet all appropriate requirements.

Materials planning

Scarce materials are reserved for appointments and the system gives a timely indication when they are no longer available.

Inventory management

Link2 software keeps a full record of materials used on a job.

Clear overview of installed base

You have a clear overview of all installations present at the client’s or any other specific location.

Time registration

Hours worked are easily and clearly recorded in the Link2 app, including travel times and breaks.

Could your planning or work roster be more efficient?

Say goodbye to paper work orders and manual work. Enjoy the speed and convenience of Link2 planning software, linked to any ERP system, such as AFAS. Request a free introductory phone consultation and discover the suitability of our software for your organisation!

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