Planning and rostering software
for the cleaning sector

Efficiently scheduling your cleaning workforce can be a real challenge. People work flexible hours and work schedules change regularly. In addition, manual work consumes much time and energy. Smart planning and scheduling software allows you to automate this work, so you can have a better overview, more time, more work enjoyment and satisfied clients!

Optimise the following elements with smart planning and rostering software:

Week roster

You fill in the week schedule simply and clearly with available employees who fit the necessary criteria.

Time registration

Employees’ presence is easily and clearly entered via Link2clean, including travel times and breaks.

Workforce planning

Employees are scheduled automatically via your week roster. In case of absence, a task can be easily allocated to a replacement. Additional work orders too, are easily planned for available people.

So much more is possible

See all the advantages

See these sector-specific solutions can help your cleaning business run more efficiently and optimally:

  • Project management
  • Rostering
  • Time registration
  • Digital forms
  • Management information
  • Contract management
  • Web portal
  • Quality control
  • Software links

Streamline your business processes

The possibilities are endless

Curious to see if Link2 suits your organisation? Request a demo now or contact me. I’m eager to get to know your business and future-proof your operating process!

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