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Customer story

VBR Turbinepartners

VBR Turbine Partners is a globally operating maintenance specialist in a niche market: “We work for the after market of gas turbines, derived from aviation, that General Electric supplies to the industry. We work independently, we are not a division of General Electric. We carry out inspections, perform maintenance and troubleshoot, on the mechanical level. In terms of instrumentation, we replace and renew the hot sections of gas turbines, monitoring their condition with IoT solutions”, says Field Service Manager Patrick Jansen.

Way2connect enhances our service level in the broadest sense possible. Patrick Jansen, VBR Turbinepartners

Implemented workflow solutions

for VBR Turbinepartners

  • Contractmanagement
  • Digital work orders
  • Efficient project planning
  • Human resource planning
  • Internet of Things
  • Inventory
  • Management information
  • Material planning
  • Time registration
Service and sales through the customer portal

“We use Way2connect’s workforce management package. To invoice faster and for a more efficient approach to our admin. But we also use it to increase our service level.”

“Field service engineers visit our customers, do what they have been sent there for, but they also take a good look at what’s going on around them. They listen carefully to the customer and understand what is important in the customer’s specific situation. Then the engineer makes recommendations based on this. He includes these in his report and inputs them into the Way2connect app. This is linked to our ERP system, enabling us to make the information available through a customer portal. As a result, the customer has an insight into our recommendations and priorities that need to be dealt with. Our sales and back office can use this information to consult with the customer. This is definitely a very important advantage of Way2connect.”

Finding technicians in today’s job market is not that easy, meaning you have to use the available capacity as efficiently as possible.

Patrick Jansen, VBR Turbinepartners

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