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Customer story

PREMIUM Lokaliften

Premium Lokaliften in Almere is one of the larger and national market players, specialising in the maintenance, repairs and modernisation of lifts and escalators. In early 2019, Premium Liftservice acquired Lokaliften, to join forces and be an even stronger force in the market. The company was renamed PREMIUM Lokaliften.

We are really pleased with the collaboration. Our main goal is to make our customers happy, by providing them with information about their installations. Marco de Groot, PREMIUM Lokaliften

Implemented workflow solutions

for PREMIUM Lokaliften

  • Contractmanagement
  • Digital work orders
  • Efficient project planning
  • Human resource planning
  • Internet of Things
  • Inventory
  • Management information
  • Material planning
  • Time registration
Pressure at the time of implementation

Managing Director Marco de Groot: “Originally the two companies each had their own ERP systems, which were rudimentarily supported with all kinds of Office products. I had already heard about Way2connect from a lift maintenance company for which I worked for 28 years and I had already worked with the ERP system that Way2connect often uses. That was the reason why I decided to switch to this ERP system with PREMIUM Lokaliften and adopt Way2connect’s vision and solutions.”

“The implementation involved a lot of pressure and was quite hectic during this phase of the acquisition. Working with the Way2connect crew is always a pleasure in such a situation. And they know our market, which obviously is also very important. After I left my previous employer, I stayed in touch with some of the Way2connect employees. We regularly discussed developments and opportunities, in fact we still do. The management also knows very well how the various processes work in practice. I like working with a company where the management is very knowledgeable about the content. I am just the same. So you can see why we were a perfect match.”

The system has such a wide range of functionality. Thanks to Way2connect, we have already made a great leap forwards in terms of professionalism.

Marco de Groot, PREMIUM Lokaliften

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