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Customer story

Hofkens HIG

The strategic ambition of Hofkens HIG required another type of software supplier as well as a professional planning module. The combination of AFAS and Way2connect meant that the ideal solution was at our fingertips. Otherwise we would have never been capable of developing into Hofkens HIG 2.0.

In the old situation, we had to deal with exception after exception. Mark Hofkens, Hofkens HIG

Implemented workflow solutions

for Hofkens HIG

  • Contractmanagement
  • Efficient project planning
  • Human resource planning
  • Management information
  • Time registration
The implementation

Just sixteen months after implementation, Hofkens HIG is using almost all the functionality of the AFAS software. Hofkens explains how the implementation of the WAY2CONNECT planning module was finalised in the course of 2018.

“The two colleagues who are in charge of planning knew how to do their job in Excel without even thinking about it. The new system required a considerable switch. It has a different look and feel. It’s easy to see why the transition took a long time, when you realise that all our employees as well as all the vehicles with their number plates and additional specifications had to be inputted in the WAY2CONNECT software. Moreover, we have entered all the fixed jobs for the entire year in the system”, says Hofkens, who has high expectations.

“Currently a planner can see at a glance which type of vehicle is used for a specific job. A vacuum vehicle is always yellow. It’s been like that for over sixty years. So we told WAY2CONNECT that we wanted to use the same colours in their system.” Hofkens says the supplier rapidly changed this, and he’s obviously happy about the speed with which the change was implemented.

We would have never been able to grow in the way that we did without reliable company automation.

Mark Hofkens, Hofkens HIG

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