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The successful combination of two software platforms proved a little more complicated in the cleaning industry. And yet AFAS and Way2connect were able to develop a solution that worked perfectly for Beercoo Schoonmaakgroep. According to Beercoo’s technical director Patrick De Beer, incorporating manual activities in workflows is the logical next step.

A perfectly-working solution for the cleaning industry. Patrick de Beer, Beercoo

Implemented workflow solutions

for Beercoo

  • Contractmanagement
  • Digital work orders
  • Efficient project planning
Industry knowledge

De Beer thinks that AFAS and Way2connect pulled off quite a feat by succeeding in tackling the complexity of the cleaning industry and successfully linking two software systems. “I think that AFAS initially started out automating companies where everyone worked a 38-hour week and the number of holidays for the rest of the year was already determined on January 1st. Given that background, it’s quite amazing when you see the amount of industry knowledge they have.”

Beercoo actively contributed to this. “We have had a lot of other cleaning companies that were interested in company automation visit us. As a result, a handful of other large players in our market now use the software solution that was implemented in our company. A very positive development, in my opinion, because it offers plenty of opportunities to learn with and from each other and make further improvements.”

It doesn’t exist if it’s not in AFAS.

Patrick de Beer, Beercoo

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