About us

Control begins with understanding

Based on our workforce planning expertise and knowledge of the cleaning, construction, maintenance and installation sectors, we know exactly how to optimise your processes. We still see software based on uniformity or worse: outdated, non user-friendly software that does not link to your existing systems. We can imagine this leads to frustration with planners as time and energy is lost. You can do so much better!

We immerse ourselves in your process

First, we get optimally acquainted with your process. Your objectives, the software you use, people’s roles within the process, the risks and the opportunities for improvement. At Way2connect, the term ‘understanding’ is central. First understand, then be understood. This is the essence of our company culture. We listen to you, our collaborative partners and we listen to each other. Working together and achieving success. It’s what drives us.

Knowledge of your sector

The cleaning, construction, maintenance and installation sectors are very specific: efficient planning and fast invoicing linked to AFAS software, as well as meticulous quality control are essential to success. The right software will allow us to improve the right elements drastically for you. As soon as we know your process inside out, we take a step back and get a fresh perspective. That approach works. Thanks to thorough analysis, our Link2 software is always user-friendly, clear and up to date.

A successful process is the work of people

Do you have a strong pioneering drive to improve and innovate? Are you up to the challenge of making business processes function optimally thanks to innovative planning software? And do you enjoy working in a free, independent, informal and responsibility-based atmosphere? Then we would like to get to know you! Apply for one of the job openings below or send us an open job application.