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your people

Improvement starts
with empathy

Automation need not be hard. Our smart and accessible planning software delivers convenience in no time!

Smart integrations

Link2 planning software links to any ERP system, like AFAS and all your inventory, work roster and other business systems.

Tailored to your process

Based on our knowledge of the cleaning, construction, maintenance and installation sectors, we can optimise precisely the right elements.

Lightning-fast support

A 24/7 economy demands 24/7 accessibility. Our support team is always on standby for you!

Over 30 standard links

If needed, we’ll handle any others for you

The advantages of Link2

More than just planning
Save time and money

The results of simple and efficient working? Fewer errors, less manual work, reduced costs, more time and higher work satisfaction!

First time right

The right people with the right skills and the right materials to the right job at the right time, straight away

Customer satisfaction

Through the Link2 web environment, your client can easily order a service, monitor the status instantly and get optimal service fast.

These companies chose Way2Connect

Way2Connect enhances your service level in the broadest sense possible

"Way2connect enhances our service level in the broadest sense possible."

Patrick Jansen, VBR Turbinepartners

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Streamline your business processes

The possibilities are endless

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